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A Masterclass is given to students by an expert of the discipline.

The students will have access to Master Teachers who would not normally be accessible.

The difference between a normal class and a masterclass is the setup.  CAMA offers One on One Masterclasses and Individual training in the group setting.

In an individual masterclass within the group setting, a student performs a prepared piece.  All the students from this group and often an audience observe and listen as the master teaches and gives feedback to a student. 

CAMA sets up masterclasses with distinguished performers and teachers.  There are in-house masterclasses and collaborative masterclasses. 

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in a variety of regional, national & international masterclasses.

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why enroll in  masterclasses?

Benefits of Masterclasses

Professional Training by a Master

Recognize and receive input from different master musicians. Learn new ideas and concepts that are presented and expressed in a different teaching manner. Students get to learn new performing strategies from a master's vast experience.

Build Techniques & Skills

Get a new interpretation of the music along with technical suggestions and recommendations. Masterclasses tend to focus on the specific areas that require additional attention, such as tone, phrasing and overall shape. It is an opportunity for students to expand their capabilities from the master's comments and feedback.

Build Self-Awareness & Confidence

Prepare to accept critique and feedback. When a student listens to the fellow students playing individually prepared pieces and being coached in a masterclass, this makes it possible for a student to use each other as reference points to assess their own levels.

Impove Musicanship

Masteclasses help teach to how actively listen and provide an opportunity to express music in a new way. This allows a student to integrate with what they are learning for their future artistic development and train to the highest level of musical thinking and performing.

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