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cANADA aCAdemY of music and arts

Education Is The Key for Your Child’s Successful Future

Professional Programs

Structured and systematic educational programs developed to adapt to and meet every students' needs as they grow into strong performers.


CAMA designs educational experiences where a student gets new perspective from the Masters of the music disciplines. Learn more about Masterclasses.

Parental Community

CAMA builds and supports a Parental Community to encourage & sustain student educational journeys. Learn more about How to get Involved.

Proven Results

CAMA providers opportunities for students to participate in local, national and international performances & competitions.

The academy is build on

our philosophy

Professionally Developed Academy Curriculum

  • Integrated, structured and systematic programs that will enhance intellect, social and creative development of a child, leading to lifelong excellence.
  • Leads students through sequential, logical and guided development.
  • Breaks down most difficult educational tasks in fun and easy ways for a student to adopt. 
  • Programs are designed to accelerate educational progress by years and to achieve results faster.
  • Customized for every student to excel.

Parental Community

  • CAMA creates a Parental Community through parental partnership and participation.
  • Endorses parental involvement as part of the educational system.
  • Supports parents through educational seminars.
  • Recognizes parental support on an annual basis through rewards and an awards ceremony. 

CAMA Experience

  • Proven results for professional development.
  • Proven results for performances in local, provincial, national & international competitions, as well as masterclasses and performing with orchestras in many different countries.
  • Every year 90% of the Academy students receive monetary awards from these competitions. 
  • Students get the highest marks and gold medals from RCM exams.
  • Develop a student’s public performance through a variety of concerts. 
  • Teacher training and development is constantly updated through frequent skill level and performance reviews.

We strive for the highest quality education

there are unlimited possibilities

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Mission & Vision

Canada Academy of Music and Arts has developed a clear vision and rigorous standards for the academy.


Lean about the different programs for musical instruments and choir that Canada Academy of Music and Arts offers.


Learn about the admission process to Canada Academy of Music and Arts. Book your audition for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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