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Music Education to set up Skills for Life

Group Class Size

The group classes are 45 to 60 minutes once per week. The classes are formed by ages. The classes sizes are 8:1

Age & Class Size

The program is created for ages 8 and up years old and Level of performance is grade RCM 5 & up.

Private Lessons

Students will receive a weekly lesson on the main instrument for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.


Students will participate in number masterclasses to train and develop their skills


Students participate in performances to show case their knowledge & talent

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Talent Development Academy

CAMA has built a customazable, unique program for the development of talent where students learn to be a performer and to succeed.  The program is delivered in a fun, engaging and age appropriate environment.

A comprehensive approach to music education will enhance students knowledge and experience, help to achieve personal goals, reach their fullest potential and develop given talent. 

Curriculum is designed for advance and motivated students ages 8 and up.  Program includes a variety of options to fit the needs of gifted and talented students.

Program includes individual private lessons on the main instrument, group lessons, performance opportunities from solo to chamber ensemble,  masterclasses, concerts and participation in a variety of competitions.

private Lessons

The intensive individual lesson will provide unique learning atmosphere to master artistry, musicality, technique and imaginations. 

The lessons are offered in piano, violin, cello, flute, and vocal.  The lesson length will depend on student’s age & physical abilities.

group classes

A sequential curriculum provides a creative approach to the fundamentals of music. 

Students develop notation skills, train a good sense of rhythm and inner hearing, understanding melodies and harmonies, musical styles and forms, being creative with their own musical ideals.

During the group classes students will develop musicianship skills though the understanding of musical concepts, listening actively music, singing, moving to the beat, creating rhythm and melodies, ear training, analyzing different styles and forms.

Group classes will prepare for RCM theory, harmony, history and analysis exams.


The Masterclass will be given to the students by an expert of the discipline.

The students will have a chance to perform, to learn from the Master and each other and to receive valuable feedback to improve on the specific areas.

The Students will learn to evaluate each other’s performances and use it as reference points to assess their own performance level.

Chamber Ensemble

Students are placed in the chamber ensembles based on age, skills and level of preparation. Chamber ensembles are grouped into duos, trios, quartet, strings and voice ensembles and coached by a teacher with a wide range of repertoire.

Playing chamber music is the most amazing form of: 

  • Developing music listening skills and training sensitive listening
  • Group music making and team building 
  • Musical communication with all players 
  • Form of acceptation and encouragement of other’s musical ideas 
  • Preparation to be professional accompanist


The performances will help students to find their individuality & develop showmanship. 

Students will be able to showcase their talent and developed skills during performances. 

The students will be encouraged to participate in local, nation and international competitions.

strengths at a glance

Program Benefits

Every program incorporates the leading principals of the Academy. The program offers to your child to build skills to  Excel in the future.


Student will Learn:

Symbol Identification, Rhythmic & Melodic patterns, Dymanics, Phrases, Listening and Ear Training, Terminology, Styles & Form, Pitch Recognition, Theory Concepts.

Cognitive & Logic Skills

Student will Learn:

Pattern recognition, Concentration, Memory, Spacial Awareness, Focus, Analytical Listening skills, Critical Thinking, Attention

Emotional Inteligence

Student will Learn:

To be optimistic, to Self Express with Imagination and Feeling, to build Creative Thinking, Respond emotionally to music.

Social Skills

Student will Learn:

Self-confidence, Collaboration, Feeling of community, Sympathy, Empathy, Teamwork skills.

Physical Development

Student will Learn:

Flexibility, Relaxations, Control and Coordination, Quick reaction, Express through movements, To train sensory system.

Performance Skills

Student will Learn:

Stage Presence, Self-discipline, Focus Under Pressure, to Persevere and to be Resilient, Energy Management, Achieve Highest level of Artistry, Entertainment Skills

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admission requirements

Eligibility for Acceptance

Acceptable to the program depends on age, length of study music, result of the competitive audition process. We accept minimum level of RCM 5 or RCM 6


All audition must be performed by memory Student should prepare two contracting pieces in different styles. Student should provide music book of the piece that there are performing. The student will be given sight-reading and ear test.


Following the audition, student and parent will have a conversation with a teacher about students musical backgrounds, music theory question and their goals and plan about music future

We strive for the highest quality education

there are unlimited possibilities

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