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Music Education to set up skills for Life

Group Class Size

The group classes are 60 minutes once per week in the fun and engaging environment.

Age & Class Size

The program is created for ages 10 and up years old. Group classes are formed by ages. The classes sizes are 10:1

Private Lessons

Students will receive a weekly lesson on the main instrument for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.


Students will participate in number masterclasses to train and develop their skills


Students participate in performances to show case their knowledge & talent

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secondary Academy

CAMA has built a customizable program to interconnect the development of musical listening, reading and playing skills.  

The program is designed to commit to success  in music and to bring all previously learned musical skills together to a performance level showcasing artistic excellence.

The program consists of private lessons, group classes, assessments, masterclasses performances and participation in variety of competitions

Curriculum is structured in a systematic approach and allows students to bring all musical skills together to perform at the highest level and further train their artistic level of musical thinking.  

private Lessons

Individual lessons are offered for piano, violin, cello, flute, and vocal.  

The lesson length will depends on student’s age & physical abilities. 

The classes will have a customized plan to prepare for masterclasses, competition and RCM exams.

group classes

Group classes guides students to develop in various aspects of musicianship:

  • Music theory
  • Listening music of different styles and forms 
  • Analysis of melody and harmony
  • Develop rhythmic perception 
  • Develop pitch recognition 
  • Ear training
  • Sight reading 
  • Improvisation
  • Composition 
  • Preparing for RCM theory exams


The Masterclass will be given to the students by an expert of the discipline.

The students will have a chance to perform, learn from the Master, each other and to receive valuable feedback to improve on specific areas. 

The Students will learn to evaluate each other’s performances and to use it as reference points to assess their own performance level.


Students will be able to showcase their talent and developed skills during performances.

The performances will help students find their individuality & develop showmanship.

The students will be encouraged to participate in local, nation and international competitions.

strengths at a glance

Program Benefits

Every program incorporates the leading principals of the Academy. The program offers to your child to build skills to  Excel in the future.

Music Literacy

Student will Learn:

Theory & complex music concepts, style & form of songs,Listening and Ear Training, Sight reading, Prepare for RCM exams.

Cognitive & Logic Skills

Student will Learn:

Problem solving skills, Concentration, Self Evaluation, Critical & Logical thinking, Ability to process information & improve memory Organization & time –management skills

Emotional Inteligence

Student will Learn:

Performance Skills & showing artistry, To self express and explore possibilities, To imagine and build design thinking, recognize & express emotions.

Social Skills

Student will Learn:

Self-confidence & self- control, Team Working skills, Ability to be optimistic and inspirational leader, Train sympathy, Communication skills.

Physical Development

Student will Learn:

Performance & Technical skills, Multi-tasking & synchronization of movements, Flexibility, Relaxations, Control, Coordination, Quick reaction

Performance Skills

Student will Learn:

Stage Presence, How to Engagement the audience, Self-discipline, Focus Under Pressure, to Persevere, Enhance passion to Create and Perform, Entertainment Skills

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admission requirements

Eligibility for Acceptance

Acceptance to the program will depend on age, length of study music, and result of the audition process.


Student should prepare two contracting pieces. The audition may be performed by memory or by the use of book. The student will be given sight-reading and ear test.


Following the audition, student will have a conversation with a teacher about Student’s musical backgrounds, music theory and their goals and plan about music future

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