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Music Education to set up Skills for Life

Group Class Size

The group classes are 45 minutes once per week in the fun and engaging environment.

Age & Class Size

The program is created for ages 6-9 years old. Group classes are formed by ages. The classes sizes are 8:1


Students will participate in performances to show case their knowledge & talent

Parental Community

CAMA builds and supports parental community to encourage & sustain student's music education journey.

engage in music education Early

Primary Academy

CAMA has created a customizable program to build musical literacy, learn to be a performer & learn to succeed.  The program is delivered in a fun and engaging environment.

The Program consists of private lessons, group classes, assessments, masterclasses and performances.

The curriculum is structured with a systematic and integrated approach and allows students to build skills and knowledge from a simple to advanced level.

private Lessons

Individual lessons are offered for piano, violin, cello, flute, and vocals. 

The lesson length will depends on the student’s age and physical abilities. 

The classes will have a customized plan to prepare for masterclasses, competition and RCM exams.

group classes

Group classes will develop number of skills by:

  • Training foundation in music reading
  • Training good sense of rhythm
  • Listening and analyzing music
  • Recognizing pitch through singing
  • Ear training
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Expressing feeling through movements
  • Playing music and rhythmic games
  • Playing percussion instruments
  • Preparing for RCM theory exams


Masterclasses will be held by an expert of the discipline for students.

Students will also have a chance to perform, learn from each other and receive valuable feedback to improve on specific areas.

Students will learn to evaluate each other’s performances and use it as reference points to assess their own level.


Students will be able to showcase their talent and developed skills during performances.

The performances will help students find their individuality & develop showmanship.

The students will be encouraged to participate in local, nation and international competitions.

strengths at a glance

Program Benefits

Every program incorporates the leading principals of the Academy. The program offers to your child to build skills to  Excel in the future.

Music Literacy

Student will Learn:

Notation, Rhythmic & Melodic patterns, Dymanics, Phrases, Listening and Ear Training, Pitch Recognition & Singing, Tempo, Simple music vocabulary.

Cognitive & Logic Skills

Student will Learn:

Pattern recognition, Concentration, Memory, Spacial Awareness, Focus, Analytical Listening skills, Attention

Emotional Learning

Student will Learn:

To be Optimistic, to Self Express with Imagination and feeling, to Build Creative thinking, respond Emotionally to music.

Social Skills

Student will Learn:

Self-Confidence, Collaboration, Feeling of Community, Sympathy, Empathy, Teamwork skills.

Physical Development

Student will Learn:

Flexibility, Relaxations, Control and Coordination, Quick reaction, Express through movements, To train sensory system.

Performance Skills

Student will Learn:

Stage Presence, how to Engage audience, Self-discipline, To be Artistic Communicator, Employ Mental Skills to Focus under Pressure, to Persevere, Non Verbal Communication, Teamwork

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admission requirements

Eligibility for Acceptance

Acceptance to the program will depend on age and the result of the audition process. There are two types of auditions, based on whether your child has musical experience or is just starting.

Audition for Beginners in Music

The teacher will be assessing the child’s musical ear, memory and rhythm. The child may prepare a song to sing, and will be asked to sing a melody that the teacher will play as well. The melody will consist of several notes; the child should be able to clap with the given rhythm.

Audition for Experience in Music

The child will be asked to do the same as the beginner audition, but the student should prepare two pieces. The pieces may be performed by memory or by the use of a book.


Following the audition, the teacher will have a conversation with the child and their parents about the child's musical background, basic musical concepts and their goals and plan about their music future.

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