Pre-school Academy

Learn the Foundation of Music Education

Group Class Size

The group classes are 45 minutes, once per week in a fun and engaging environment.

Age & Class Size

The program is created for ages 3-5 years old, classes are formed by ages. The classes sizes are 8:1


Students participate in annual performances to showcase their knowledge & talent

Parental Community

CAMA builds and supports a parental community to encourage & sustain our student's musical education journey.

engage in music education in Early Childhood

Pre-School Academy

Canada Academy of Music and Art (CAMA) has built a customizable program based on fun and an age-appropriate curriculum.

The curriculum is structured with a systematic approach and provides a basic foundation to study an instrument in the future.

Your child will joyfully discover musical concepts through direct and active experience of music, using their ears, mind and body.

Your child will sing, move and play percussion instruments while learning elements of music.

The program will provide introduction to the basics of music literacy and build knowledge and understanding of musical language.

Each week a student will learn through a variety of fun activities including:

  • Introduction to basic elements of music
  • Musical and rhythmic games
  • Enjoying music through active listening
  • Playing simple percussion instruments
  • Get familiar with an instrument
  • Study rhythm through body percussion
  • Movement to the beat
  • Express ideas thought storytelling
  • Express feelings through movement
  • Song singing
  • Improvise through movements


It is important for a parent to accompany child in every lesson.

Based on student abilities, there will be recommendations for an instrument that is suitable for the student to continue their music education.

Private instrumental lessons are provided as an option to students based on their physical motor skills and ability to concentrate & focus.

strengths at a glance

Program Benefits

Every program incorporates the leading principals of the Academy. The program gives your child the opportunity build skills in order to excel in the future.

Music Literacy

Student will Learn:

Notation, Rhythmic & Melodic patterns, Dymanics, Phrases, Listening and Ear Training, Pitch Recognition & Singing, Tempo, Simple music Vocabulary.

Cognitive & Logic Skills

Student will Learn:

Pattern recognition, Concentration, Memory, Spacial Awareness, Focus, Analytical Listening skills, Attention

Emotional Learning

Student will Learn:

To be Optimistic, to Self Express with imagination and feeling, to Build Creative thinking, Respond Emotionally to music.

Social Skills

Student will Learn:

Self-confidence, Collaboration, Feeling of community, Sympathy, Empathy, Teamwork skills.

Physical Development

Student will Learn:

Flexibility, Relaxations, Control and Coordination, Quick reaction, Express through movements, To train sensory system.

Performance Skills

Student will Learn:

Stage Presence, how to Engage audience, Self-Discipline, Teamwork, Confidence to Perform in front of the Audience, Positive Feeling of Enjoyment

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admission requirements

Eligibility for Acceptance

Acceptance into the program will depend on the child's age, musical ability and the result of the audition process.


The teacher will be assessing the child’s musical ear, memory and rhythm. The child will be asked to sing back a simple melody played by a teacher. The child will be assessed if they are able to clap a simple rhythmic pattern. If a child already has a music experience they should prepare a piece to play.


Following the audition, the teacher will have a conversation with the child and their parents about music, the child’s goals and plan about music.

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