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Performances & Recitals

CAMA hosts a variety of concerts and recitals on regular basis.

The recitals in Canada Academy of Music & Arts (CAMA) are designed for students to perform in front of friends, teachers and family, where the student is able to demonstrate what they have learned and showcase their talent.

The concerts are organized by themes and performed by the students. These concerts will hold an educational and entertainment value that benefit both performers and spectators. 


The concerts may include chamber music and a variety of ensembles. The students will have an opportunity to sharpen and practice their performing skills. 

Students may be involved in a variety of events through out the year and are encouraged to participate in regional, nation and international competitions.

The recitals, concerts and competitions are a way to promote the enjoyment of performing and reassure self-confidence. 

Please view the calendar to stay to date with our performance schedule.


Benefits of Performances and Competitions

Learn how to be Successful

Students will learn how to build strategies to be successful during preparation for performances and competitions. They will get clear vision and perspective of their own self-performance level and a chance for valuable self-evaluation and improvement. They will learn to achieve excellence and develop skills to master every aspect of musicianship.

Create your Brand

Students will showcase their progress. They will have an opportunity to earn recognition which may lead to scholarships, networking connections and great public recognition. They will receive feedback and advice from renowned musicians and will be inspired and encouraged to dream big and shoot for the stars.

Build Public Performance Skills

Performing for an audience requires students to step out of their comfort zone and into an environment where all eyes are on them. Competitions teach lifelong skills of how to face a crowd. The student learns how to manage the pressure of competition and difficult situations. This builds resilience and skills on how to work through performance anxiety and expand their problem-solving skills

Build Emotional Excellence

Students will learn how to become self-assured, bring positive self-concepts and get motivated to excel. Performances and competitions successfully promote self-esteem and general confidence with self-affiance. They will teach students to manage emotions, mood and general well-being, build friendships and comradery.

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