Mission & Vision

Together, Building Future Leaders 

Our Mission and Vision, along with our Leading Principals are integrated in every part of Canada Academy of Music and Arts to teach students become tomorrow’s leaders and build our future.

Professional Programs

Structured and systematic educational programs developed to adapt and to meet every students' needs as they grow into strong performers.


CAMA designs educational experience where the student gets new perspective from the Masters of the music disciplines. Learn more about Masterclasses.

Parental Community

CAMA builds and supports a parental community to encourage & sustain a student's educational journey. Learn more about how to get Involved.

Proven Results

CAMA providers opportunities for students to participate in local, national and international performances and competitions.

the academy is guided by

mission & vision


Canada Academy of Music & Art’s mission is to to develop strong music and art educational foundations, nurture students creative minds and help every student to excel in every aspect of their lives.


To provide specific and customized educational programs to create the best possible conditions for exceptional progress and development.

To be nationally & internationally recognized as a music & arts educational institution of the highest standards.

Academy’s principals to achieve the mission:

  • CAMA will identify and attract talented young individuals based on auditions.
  • CAMA will provide every student with guided, supported and unique learning experiences that will nurture their talent.
  • CAMA will provide quality educational programs that are based on the integrity of many elements such as individual and small group training, practice experience through concerts and masterclasses, evaluation systems for students.
  • CAMA will continue to elevate its educational standards to remain responsive to changing goals and conditions that will enhance student’s knowledge and experience.
  • CAMA will continue to attract and retain faculty members of all disciplines by providing a collaborative work environment, continued professional training & development, robust evaluation system and involving them in the educational life.

Leading Principals of the Canada Academy of Music and Arts:





At the beginning stages students are provided with a strong foundation in musical literacy & arts.  By practicing the basics during group & private lessons, students increase their connection between cognitive and creative thinking, learn social and collaborative skills, enhance logical and spatial thinking and build emotional intelligence.

Student are trained in a variety of techniques to establish and enhance their technical skills and sensory systems.  This develops gradually by learning theory, practicing scales, etudes, exercises and technical pieces.

The strong foundation prepares students to participate in municipal, regional, national and international competitions, national and international masterclasses, concerts, performances & playing with orchestras.


Music & Arts become a source for creativity.  Practicing and performing on any instrument is a creative process which develops imagination, discovery and shows artistry. 

Students develop a creative mind by exploring their imagination and unlimited possibilities. 

These foundations allows students to use what has been learned from their experiences and apply the knowledge.  The programs train divergent thinking, involving many interacting cognitive processes, emotions and develops creative & design-based thinking.



Canada Academy of Music and Arts develops students’ transferable skills that are crucial for success in every aspect of a student’s life. The hard and soft skills students gain from gaining a musical and art education are used in many areas of their lives.

To earn musical and arts educations takes level of self –discipline.  Students are able to cultivate their time management, goal setting, leadership, strategic thinking and improve their communication skills.

The Academy builds leaders of tomorrow and sets them up for success.

We strive for the highest quality of education

there are unlimited possibilities

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