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Ryan Huang
Ryan Huang (age 10) has played piano since age 5. In 2019, he placed 2nd at the Chopin Youth Piano Competition held in Poland and 1st Place at the Steinway & Son Junior competition and was invited to play in the Steinway Hall in New York. He performed with Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra in China, and played with OCMS youth orchestra in April 2019 for the ‘Music For love Charity concert’ hosted by Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto in support of SickKids Foundation. He played the American Protégé Summer Gala Concert in Isaac Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall, was the Grand Prize Winner of the Canadian Music Competition, and won the NYMF concerto competition and played with Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra. Also in 2019, Ryan had a personal recital ‘The Sound of Summer by Ryan Huang’ with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Ryan has Won numerous first place awards and scholarships in Crescendo International, GOCAA, North York Music Festival, OMFA Provincial, Peel Music Festival, Burlington Music Festival, and many others. He has participated in the T.I.M.M in Italy, receiving master classes from Antonio Pompa-Baldi, Eduardo Delgado, Enrico Elisi and Yunjie Chen and performed with Napolinova Youth Orchestra conducted by Francesco D’Ovidio. He was admitted by John Hopkins University - Center for Talent Youth with high honor award.
Alex Ning
Alexander Ning began studying piano at age 6. In 2014, he won a 1st place scholarship and was nominated as the winner of the Il Pozzolino International Piano Competition in Italy. In 2015, he was a finalist of the San Jose International Piano Competition and placed 1st place in the America protégé competition, performed in New York Carnegie Hall. In 2016, he won 1st place in the Canadian Music Competition. In 2017, he was 1st place in the Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition, perform in Vienna, Austria and was later invited to play live on air for 96.3 FM Classical Radio in Toronto, Ontaro. In 2018, he gained 2nd place of the Canadian Music Competition with mark of 95%. This year, he won Class Honour with Distinction of 94%. Alex is currently continuing his music education and preparing for ARCT.
Artem Kopylov
Artem Kopylov has been playing piano since he was 4. Artem is a fellow at the International Music Academy in Liechtenstein, a class headed by Professor Dmitri Bashkirov. He was a scholar at the Eppan Music Academy, Italy; the Educational Centre for gifted kids (SIRIUS), Russia; Transsiberian Music Academy, Russia; International Orford Academy, Canada; Peter de Grote Summer Academy, Netherlands; and at music academies in Uelzen, Buckeberg, Staade, in Germany. Artem is a laureat of more than 30 National and International Competitions across Canada, Italy, USA, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Denmark, France, and the Netherlands. He has performed with several orchestras debuting at age 9. As a prize winner of the prestigious Nutcracker Competition, the Vladimir Spivakov Foundation invited Artem to perform at the Moscow Meets Friends Festival in Russia. Artem has performed on several famous stages, including Carnegie Hall, New York; Steinway and Sons Performance Centre, New York; Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow; and others. He has participated in the CBC Piano Talent Show in Montreal and in CBC Piano Hero in Toronto. He has been interviewed by local and national newspapers in Canada, Italy and Russia. Artem sees his future in performance, composition and conducting.
Ben Xu
Benjamin Xu started learning the at age ten. He achieved his ARCT Performers Diploma at 15. Ben participated in many music festivals annually and won numerous prizes and scholarships. Among them, he placed 1st in American Protege's International Music Competition, the Grand Virtuoso International Music Competition in London and 3rd place in the Canadian Music Competition in 2018. Ben currently studies at Carnegie Mellon University, double majoring in Materials Science Engineering and Physics, with a minor in music.
Sarah Ning
Sarah Ning started playing the piano at the age of 6 and has been studying for almost 9 years. Now 16, she continues to enjoy performing and sharing her love of music with others. She has been a national finalist in the Canadian Music Competition from 2012 to 2015 and has performed at Carnegie Hall twice, once earning a Judge’s Distinction Award. As a first prize winner of the Young Artist Competition in Burlington, she performed Mozart Concerto No. 24 with the Burlington Symphony Orchestra in 2016. Sarah and her duet partner Oliver Zhou have won numerous prizes together, including 2nd place at the Canadian Music Competition in 2017. She and Oliver also performed at the Musikverein Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria in September 2016. Sarah is currently a grade 11 student at Appleby College in Oakville.
Oliver Zhou
Oliver first began playing piano at the age of 8. Since 2010, he has received over 30 awards and scholarships at local music festivals such as the Kiwanis Music Festival, Peel Music Festival, and North York Music Festival. In 2013 and 2014, he was a finalist of the Canadian Music Competition and attained second place with his duet partner Sarah Ning in 2017. Later that year, they also won first prize with Judges’ Distinction at the 2017 American Protegé International Music Talent Competition and had the honour of performing at Carnegie Hall. Additionally, they earned second place in the 2016 Grand Prize Virtuoso International Competition`s Piano Duo category and performed at the Vienna Musikverein.
Eric Tan
Eric Tan is an experienced piano performer; he has studied piano for 11 years and earned his ARCT diploma in 2018 with a score of 96. He has played and won in numerous regional competitions, including the North York Music Festival, the Peel Music Festival, the Burlington Music Festival, the Kiwanis Music Festival, and the CCC Music Festival. He was a provincial finalist for three consecutive years, and has won a second place prize for the OMFA Provincial Contest for grade 10. He has a lot of experience in the ensemble and duet category: he has participated in and won first place in the CMC National Music Competition duet category and first place in American Protégé International Competition and performed a duet at Carnegie Hall.
Daniel Krouguerski
Daniel Krouguerski started practicing piano since he was 5 years old and has accumulated over 20 musical awards. These include scholarships from local festivals such as Burlington, Peel, Milton and Kiwanis. He is also a four time participant at the Provincial competition (2013, 2014, 2015, 2017) and has won two second places and one third place. He has received the highest mark at the Milton festival in 2016, which lead him to receive a scholarship at the gala concert. He was also one of four pianists to receive an award from the 2019 Kiwanis festival, which was given to him at a Gala dinner at the Casa Loma Castle.
Jerry Tian
Xihang (Jerry) Tian began his piano studies at age 5. Jerry received numerous first place awards at regional competitions such as the Peel music festival, Rotary Burlington Music Festival, North York Music Festival and Kiwanis Music Festivals. In 2017, he won first place and in 2018, he was placed second in the OMFA provincial competition. Jerry also attended the Canadian Music Competition 2018 and was awarded the third place under age 13 group. He has been invited to perform at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Art, Mississauga Living Arts Center and Brampton Rose Theater in recent years. He was awarded in 2018 3rd Place Canadian Music Competition, 2nd Place OMFA provincial competition, 1st Place Peel Music Festival & Scholarship and 1st Place Rotary Burlington Music Festival & Scholarship. In 2017, he won 1st Place in the OMFA provincial competition. Notable performances have been in 2018 at the Mississauga Living Arts Center, Brampton Rose Theatre and the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts in 2017 and 2018.
Polina Kachournikova
Polina Kachournikova began studying piano at the age of four. She was a Provincial Finalist at the Canadian Music Competition at the ages of eight and nine. She participated in various competitions and completed her Royal Conservatory of Music exams to very high standards. Polina has competed at the Peel Music Festival, Rotary Burlington Music Festival, Kiwanis Music Festival and the CCC Music Festival, where she has acquired a multitude of first, second and third place awards and scholarships in all song genres. In 2014, Polina was selected to compete at the Ontario Music Festival's Provincial-level competition, where she performed a multitude of pieces and received an award. By the age of sixteen, Polina has completed all the practical and theoretical levels of RCM, including ARCT, and is currently studying to complete the LRCM level. 
Ryan Yin
Ryan Yin, age 9, started to learn private piano when he was 6 years old. Ryan has a great passion for music and enjoys performing and sharing his love of music with others. In 2019, Ryan won 3rd place in the 7-year age category at the Canadian Music Competition in Calgary. He performed at the Burlington Art Centre and has won awards and scholarships in the Burlington Music Festival, Peel Music Festival, Milton Music Festival and Toronto Kiwanis Festival. He enjoys playing cello as well as piano and plays in the Oakville Symphony Youth Orchestra.
Mike Gao
Mike started learning music since age 7. He won top prices in multitude competitions, PEEL Music Festival, Burlington Music Festival, North York Music Festival. He became a provincial finalist for the OMFA. From 2016, Mike attended Peel music festival every year, he got 1st place every year. In 2018, he got three gold medals at ARCT. In level 10 RCM piano exam in 2017, he achieved mark of 98 which let him win another precious gold medal for level 10’s highest mark of the year in Ontario. In June 2019, he got 95 at ARCT exam. He is currently studying to complete the LRCM level.

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Canadian National Music Competition (CMC)
Ontario Music festival Association (OMFA)
Steinway Junion Piano Competition
American Protege International Competition
North York Music Festival

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Competitions students placed First top Prizes in the last 5 years

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