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Music Education to Set Up Skills for Life

Group Class

The group classes range from 45 to 90 minutes once per week in the fun and engaging environment.

Age & Class Size

The program is created for ages 4 and up. The classes size is organized by ages and range from 10:1 to 25:1


Students will participate in performances to show case their knowledge & talent

Parental Community

CAMA builds and supports parental community to encourage & sustain student's music education journey.

engage in music performance

choir Academy

Pre-School Choir Academy

Program Description:

The Student can start from age 4 and up. The age range for the lessons is 4 to 6. The lessons will be 45 minutes. The group size is 10:1 up to 15:1. The students will learn singing techniques in the variety of styles and the basics of music theory. No Audition required.
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Junior Primary Choir Academy

Program description:

The Student can start from age 7. The age range for the lessons is 7 to 9. The lessons will be 60 minutes. The group size is 10:1 up to 20:1. The students will learn choir techniques and the foundation of music theory. Audition Required.
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Primary Choir Academy

Program description:

The Student can start from age 10. The age range for the lessons is 10 to 12. The lessons will be 75 minutes. The group size is 12:1 up to 25:1. The students will learn choir techniques, breathing & resonance awareness. Audition Required.
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Secondary Choir Academy

Program description:

The Student can start from age 13 and up. The lessons will be 90 minutes. The group size is 12:1 up to 25:1. The students will develop the highest artistic standards through studying performances of the choral repertoire. Audition Required.
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private Vocal Lessons

Individual vocal lessons are offered.  The lesson length will depends on student’s age & physical abilities and performance dedication.

The private classes will have a customized plan to meet the student’s musical goals.


Students will be able to showcase their talent and developed skills during performances & recitals.

The performances will help students to refine their team building skills & develop showmanship.


strengths at a glance

Program Benefits

Every program incorporates the leading principals of the Academy. The program offers to your child to build skills to  Excel in the future.

Music Literacy

Student will Learn:

Notation, Rhythm Reading , Sing singing, Dymanics, Tempo, Various Choir Repertoire.

Cognitive & Logic Skills

Student will Learn:

Pattern recognition, Smoothness of the Speech, Pronunciation, Concentration, Memory, Spacial Awareness, How to Focus, Analytical Listening skills, Attention

Emotional Inteligence

Student will Learn:

To be Optimistic, To be Responsible for self and others, to Manage their feelings to imagine and build creative thinking

Social Skills

Student will Learn:

Having fun, Self-confidence, Collaboration, Build a feeling of community, Train sympathy & empathy, Communication Skills, To Work with Other, To Speak Clearly.

Physical Development

Student will Learn:

to Improve function of the breathing mechanism, Relaxations, Motor Coordination, to Reduce Stress, Train Vocal cords, to build range & flexiablity.

Performing Skills

Student will Learn:

Stage Presence, Accountability, Self-discipline, Focus, Expressive Communication,to Train Positive Feeling of Enjoyment, Entertainment Skills

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admission requirements

Eligibility for Acceptance

Acceptance to the program will depend on child's age and result of the audition process. There are two types of the audition: for the beginner in music and for the child experienced in music.


The teacher will be assessing child’s musical ear, memory and rhythm. Student should prepare a song to sing. The child should be able to clap back a given rhythm.


Following the audition, the teacher will have a conversation with a student and parents about student’s musical background, basic music concepts and their goals and plan about future in music, when applicable.

We strive for the highest quality education

there are unlimited possibilities

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